Merv's is a small, locally owned sandwich shop in Tallahassee, Florida. Owners Brad Buckenheimer and David Raney, who own several local eateries teamed up with their good friend Omar Hajjar to bring a concept to their beloved town that centered around a passion for the All-American classic grilled cheese sandwich. Their goal was to create handcrafted melted sandwiches using quality meats and cheeses, locally sourced ingredients, and their love and passion for both the food itself and their wonderful community.

In the beginning, we started up in an old auto garage in the heart of the All Saints District. The place had caved-in ceilings and busted up walls but a ton of character and we fell in love. We opened our doors in 2014 to a mob of hungry locals and college students and never looked back. Two years (and several thousand sandwiches) later we expanded with a second location in effort to spread our cheesy goodness to the masses. We look forward to serving at either of our locations and can’t wait to see you!

Some of the things that make us different...
Our locally baked bread is delivered fresh every morning. Our potato chips are fried in-house. A selection of our cheeses comes from our good friends at Sweet Grass Dairy down the road in Thomasville, Georgia. All of our delicious desserts are baked fresh daily. We cut our vegetables fresh multiple times a day and only make small batch recipes of sauces and dressings to ensure we deliver the freshest product to our customers on every visit. If for any reason you don’t leave with a smile please let us know. Your 100% satisfaction is our top priority.

*We work extremely hard to serve as many people as possible. However, we cannot make your sandwich more quickly or make the people waiting before you go away. If we are crowded and you are short on time, we suggest you join us on another day. Thank you so much for your patience!